About Little Dylan Studios

Brendan O'Connor has being playing music since he was 6 years old. He began playing traditional Irish music on the accordion and tin whistle being taught by his grandfather and encouraged by his parents. In a family of 5 children who all played, performing began at an early age. This was the beginning of a life spent playing and ultimately writing, recording and producing music of all types.

Brendan has worked with many musicians in a wide range of settings over the years from performing for the Chinese Premier to working with RTÉ on the Rose Of Tralee TV Show for the last 16 years.

He spent a number of years fronting an Irish Fusion band called Gliondar, touring all over Ireland and travelling abroad to England and Holland. Gliondar recorded an Album called Sunshine and Showers, for which Brendan wrote original material and produced.

He then spent some time performing with John Hurley, a hugely talented songwriter, before recording and producing the debut album for the band Alanna entitled Under The Open Sky. Following on from that he recorded and produced their second album entitled 'Blurring The Line' which was a much more experimental and rockier departure for the band featuring songs from artists as diverse as Gretchen Peters and Peter Gabriel.

Since then He has recorded numerous albums of many styles from traditional albums like Michael O'Brien's 'Natural Instinct' to country albums to an album of Christmas Songs by local artists which featured an amazing version of 'The little Drummer Boy' by good friend the late Kevin Melia who also duetted on the song 'Talk to me' on the Alanna album.

In 2007 Brendan rejoined the live scene with a new band called Onóra which he founded with his brother Patrick, Guitarist Kieran Healy along with vocalist Helena Connolly. In their short career so far they have built up a loyal following and have recorded an album entitled 'Future in the Past' recorded and produced by Brendan. The album is an exciting mix of songs and instrumentals. He continues to perform with his band and their work now involves much corporate work. He has also toured recently with Michael English.

In the past year Brendan has finished albums for singer and song writer Helena Connolly and a collaboration album with well known folk artist Davey Arthur and Fionnuala Gill (Secret Garden and Riverdance). The latest album to emerge from the studio is the debut album of singer songwriter Michael Cunningham Jnr. He has also begun work on a live album for Davey Arthur, a number of albums for country artists and an instrumental piano album. Variety and diversity has always been the staple of the studio.

"I was always interested in studios and studio gear; it fascinated me and still does. I started with a few basic pieces of kit as a set up for myself but funnily enough I never did get much time to do my own stuff. I did some recordings for friends and songs became records. Each new album led to someone new coming along. Each album has been different, with new challenges and that is what keeps me interested. Little Dylan Studios has grown gradually to what it is now. What once was a simple set up is now a more elaborate one but in essence what I do is the same. It is the performance I love, not the technicalities! A vocal or musical performance has to make a statement, stir an emotion and people have to be inspired and relaxed in their surroundings to capture this. The gear is only a means to an end. I work fairly quickly and instinctively. I play many instruments myself but I am very lucky in that I have been able to build a great core band which work on many of the projects in the studio. They understand me and know what I want and time after time they deliver brilliant performances".